All my microstartups that i have created over the years.

Visa List
Visa List helps anyone who wants to travel to different countries, with the visa requirements to begin with along with the important things required. You can find Visa free, Visa on arrival and other requirement to travel to more than 200 different destination countries across the world. You can also know each required documents, embassies nearby, currency required, languages spoken and much more. This makes life easy and puts the research people usually do all in one place.
  • Travel freedom
  • Visa requirements
  • Visa exemption
  • Dual passport
  • Travel information
  • Embassy information
  • Community
  • Travel History
Simple Ops
Simple Ops tries to simplify web performance monitoring to begin with. It also monitors the uptime, downtime, speed. You can track these from different parts of the world which gives a good picture of how your website is performing. When your website does go down, you get alerts in 7 different channels, so you can immediately fix the issue and get your website up.
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Web vitals monitoring
  • API & Server monitoring
  • Website health and uptime monitoring
  • Chrome UX metrics
  • SSL monitoring
  • Global monitoring in 5 locations
  • Alerts in 7 different channels
Acrypto is a Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency portfolio tracker app using which you can track the latest prices, find arbitrage opportunities, maintain portfolio, get alerts, track balance, compare prices in different exchanges from more than 1300 coins including bitcoin, ethereum, and other altcoins exchanges and markets in top 20 currencies around the world
  • Maintain Cryptocurrency Portfolio
  • Balance Tracker
  • Arbitrage Price Tracker
  • Altcoin Price Alerts
  • Watchlist of cryptocurrency
  • Cryptoworld News
  • Advanced Charts
  • Widgets for Homescreen
Something which was missing from android was deault file manager till kitkat and i have always wished a simple , easy-to-use existed. So I ideated AnExplorer designed, developed, launched, and open-sourced it AnExplorer has been installed over a 100K times on Google Play. With AnExplorer you can
  • First File Manager for Android TV and to support RTL languages
  • Manager File and Folders on Internal storage / External Storage / USB Storage
  • Free RAM on the device. File Manager helps you to backup your apps (apk) of Tools and Games
Shifoo is your food expert which helps improve in-restaurant experience by providing smart menu and recommended food anywhere in Bangalore.
  • Best and Recommended food with indicative images of food items
  • For health conscious people provide the ingredients and the calorie content in it
  • Search and Find food by name and ingredient in every restaurant
  • Help users explore all the dishes of a restaurant
  • Filter food items based on your preferences like Veg and Non-Veg items
  • Favorite, Liked and best food from other users in your locality